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About Sassy Media Group

As a boutique online publisher since 2010, Sassy Media Group is in the business of creating coveted content and long term relationships with loyal readers and strategic partners, through the cities we love. We don’t just tell our readers what's on and we are much more than just a guide. We act as a companion, a confidante, someone who will take you deep inside the city to all the very best spots, reveal to you the most unique experiences and be there every time you need an answer. We are for women, by women. So we know how to halve time, double impact, and triple the benefits for readers, collaborators and ourselves.A place where readers can be in the know and advertisers can share what they know.

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In the saturated world of digital lifestyle content, Sassy Media Group has carved out a niche by delivering authentic and aspirational stories, full of valuable information for busy urban women, conveyed in our distinctive Sassy voice. We identify both cutting edge and tried and tested places, services and events across the urban landscape so that our readers don’t have to go searching. By sharing our recommendations with readers across the Sassy and Sassy Mama platforms, we have garnered a reputation for being the ultimate go-to resource for new arrivals and seasoned locals in Hong Kong and Singapore.


We’re not just hyper-local, we’re global. While we curate the best of what cities have to offer for our followers in Hong Kong and Singapore, we have an audience that extends as far and wide as India, Russia and Australia, thanks to the relevance of our content. We’re proud that the themes we take on transcend borders and speak to women, no matter where they are in the world. Our loyal, diverse and engaged audience don’t just exist online either. Sassy’s strong local presence in each city allows us to meet readers offline through exclusive events and connect our audience with thoughtful brands in a relaxed and vibrant environment. Getting up close and personal with our readers and driving awareness for businesses that enhance their lives has been at the cornerstone of Sassy Media Group from the beginning. With strong word of mouth, our readers refer us to their friends and so our Sassy tribe grows.


We’re proud to be one of the leading online resources for women in Asia. Sassy Media Group began life as an electronic newsletter for women who just didn’t have time to scour the streets for the hip and happening and we continue to deliver urban info direct to the inbox of hundreds of thousands of women several times a week. We’ve also grown a highly engaged social media audience that accounts for nearly half of our total reach. The Sassy platforms place advertisers in the perfect position to start meaningful conversations between our influential readership and relevant brands.


Right from the start, Sassy and Sassy Mama events have been a highly desirable feature of what we offer our readers. We love to reward our savvy audience with unique experiences where they can hear from experts and discover new products and services in a fun and engaging environment. To create compelling social media moments, we retain a team dedicated to enhancing online interactions for our readers.

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