Hong Kong

This major Asian hub is as vibrant as the neon lights that used to illuminate its streets and more dynamic than the LED’s that have replaced them. With an exciting mix of cultures and cuisines, a diverse heritage and geography, and an array of thought-leaders and taste-makers, Hong Kong is a pulsating centre of creativity. This ever-changing but always happening environment provides Sassy Media Group with a rich tapestry of ideas ready to be turned into desirable content, as well as a collection of brands and businesses worth sharing with our audience.


Modern Asia is being defined in Singapore. From old-school to achingly cool, this city is sprouting style-savvy influencers like it does pop-up shops. Each week shiny new restaurants and bars launch and hip cafes open to catch the next wave of of the coffee movement. The melting pot of nationalities that call Singapore home make it an incubator for ideas and a place where things happen. This highly cosmopolitan island city-state provides no shortage of great people, places and events for Sassy Media Group to feature.


Like an oasis in the desert, this sand-coloured city positioned on the Persian Gulf is a place of extremes. From mind-blowing beach resorts to dining in the sky, the calibre of experiences available here are so sublime that you’d think they were unbelievable if we didn’t write about them. Beyond the dunes and developments, we reveal the secret happenings and exclusive events. We road test the indoor thrills, the outdoor spills and every new attraction. Now a cultural and sporting centre drawing must-see events and big names, Dubai is an international hotspot and Sassy Media Group is there to kiss and tell on it all.


This vibrant, sprawling metropolis deserves to be uncovered. Those willing to scratch the surface of Manila will find a soulful city with a creative heart. Sassy Media Group is up to the task! From behind the skyscrapers and city streets we bring to the fore the artisan markets, eclectic galleries and quirky cafes that are changing the urban landscape. With the additional draw of stunning natural landscapes to discover just a stone’s throw from the city and endless travel opportunities in the region, Manila is on the brink of big things and effortlessly ahead of the curve.