Sassy Media Group has a single vision to connect women to the cities they live in by producing insightful content and offering unique experiences. In each dynamic urban landscape where Sassy Media Group has a presence, we discern the hip before it happens and the cutting edge news. We unearth hidden gems and forgotten treasures. We handpick the themes, trends and titillations that our readers want to know about but don’t have time to find. We gather together all of our discoveries and share this insider knowledge like a virtual best friend.

The lifestyle platforms that Sassy Media Group produce are the ultimate concierge for busy women.

By partnering with select brands and businesses, Sassy Media Group delivers additional value to our loyal, engaged and affluent audience, and drives traffic back to our partners. Featuring the best products and services we can find through clever and curated content enhances our ethos to optimise the lives of our readers.

Sassy Media Group aims to grow our strong community of readers in existing markets and further afield by continuing to partner with brands that connect with our audience, crafting content that inspires action and recommending experiences that make each day better for every urban woman.