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We don’t believe in just advertising, we believe in telling your story in our signature Sassy tone to help you achieve your targets. We also don’t believe in cookie-cutter campaigns (boring!). Every one of our campaigns is unique, customised, well rounded and suited to your budget and your needs.

SMG reaches more than 110k highly engaged email subscribers globally and we receive more than 1m page views each month to our websites. We also have a strong social media presence, with more than 100k FaceBook followers and 60k Instagram followers. We’re all about getting social and engaging our communities through the platforms they use every day #staysassy.

We’re constantly evolving, always listening to our readers. We aim to hold their hand at every step in their life, helping them to make the most out of those special moments. Whether it’s finding the hottest new restaurant in town, wedding planning, pregnancy, or even deciding where to send their little one to school, Sassy is there to help.

What’s more, we have more than double the industry average for edm open rates/click rates. Not to brag… but we really are the best voice for our target markets, because when SMG says something is worth buying or doing, our readers listen. And we’re proud of that!

If you’d like to explore how we can partner with your brand to bring your message to our readers, email us at [email protected]