Our flagship city guide is the ultimate urban concierge for women who want to effortlessly amplify their lives in the cities in which they live. Whether in flats or heels, Sassy takes to the streets to uncover the most desirable and distinctive establishments, services, products and destinations, and refines its findings into recommendations and carefully crafted content. In addition to regular categories such as Eat & Drink, Events, Style and Travel, Sassy features Influencers, Wellness happenings, and a raft of editorial dedicated to art, culture, and current events. The unique and impeccably researched content is constantly updated and shared several times a week via keenly-anticipated emails and social media.

Sassy Mama

Sassy Mama is an invaluable online companion guiding women with children to make the most out of parenthood (and therefore life) in the city. Sassy Mama perfectly understands that just because a woman happens to have children, doesn’t mean her desire for locating the latest cult mixologist or farm to table resto has abated. In fact, Sassy Mama takes this knowledge and tailors the Style, Eat & Travel sections with everything that a woman with kids in tow needs to know before a stroller hits pavement. With categories like Play, Learn, Experts and Schools, Sassy Mama has amassed a wealth of information so that families can make informed decisions on a range of topics. And when it’s time to punctuate parenthood with some wit and warmth, Sassy Mama provides the right dose of humour to get you through the day.